We Are One

We are all one.

I hear that a lot.  But often times I think people just say that as another buzz phrase to say in a buzz phrase crazed society.  For if you say and truly believe the phrase “we are one”, then you most certainly would never spend one second of your time worrying about anything anyone else is doing.  No?

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The Toxic Avenger

If you encounter any of the following types of people, be aware they influence your reality more than you know.  Pay attention to what happens when you are around:

  • people who talk only about themselves
  • people who brag about accolades
  • people who complain
  • people who tell you their physical ailments
  • people who justify everything
  • people who play the role of victim
  • people who blame others for their own situation
  • people who react without rational thought
  • people who need lots of attention
  • people who make you feel bad through things they say
  • people who put a negative spin on everything
  • people who think too much of the future
  • people who live too much in the past
  • people who cater to people, places and things
  • people who aren’t responsible for their own chaos
  • people who set out to fail
  • people who don’t make you feel love
  • people who don’t make you feel seen or heard
  • people who make you feel inferior
  • people who are a negative influence
  • people who tell you that you can’t do things
  • people who don’t see your true value and light
  • people who make themselves feel good at the expense of others
  • people who do work for the payoff only
  • people driven by selfish desires
  • people who don’t recognize the light of children or nature
  • people who worry about what other people are doing
  • people who judge
  • people who rule with fear and guilt
  • people who are spiteful, vengeful and begrudging
  • people who don’t smile
  • people who don’t hug and kiss
  • people who destroy rather than create

* disclaimer:  All of the above personality types are still people too, despite displaying toxic characteristics.  They just haven’t fully awakened yet, but rest assured that they are on their own perfect path, despite the undesirable personality trait they display.  Realize that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, and if one of these personality types is casting a shadow on you, you most certainly should address it.  But remember to do with love and understanding for that person and where they are at in their journey.  Never judge or cast blame, we were all asleep at one point.  


Tuning Exercise

I relate a lot with learning to play an instrument.  Lots of processes seem comparable and have similar mechanics.  So for me, I equate a lot of unexplained phenomenon with what I can explain in music. So when I began to take meditation seriously in life, I started to realize I had routines in place that naturally put me in tune so to speak.

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The Grateful Living

I always thought I was grateful for what I had in my life.  I was, to a degree, though I wasn’t really aware of the full scope of what it was that I was blessed with.  I knew the basics; I had family, food, water, shelter, clothing and a few personal possessions that I was very grateful for.  But I wasn’t really present enough to notice all the amazing details for which I should be giving thanks. Continue reading

Groundhog Day, Fibonacci Style

By now we have all felt the phenomenon of “Groundhog Day”.  Not the day the lovable varmint wonders out of his hole and scares the bejesus out of himself, that lovely occurrence that makes you swear you were stuck living the same day over and over again.  I can explain this phenomenon through math.  Fibonacci sequence to be exact. Continue reading

Feels Like A Dream

What is this?  This reality?  Did you ever ask yourself that?  For me, it’s one of the oldest questions I can remember pondering.  What is this life?  For years, I just knew it as the world, and accepted it as the way things are, but now I have a whole different perspective. What if this reality is nothing more than a lucid dream we are all addicted to?   Continue reading

The Peanut and What Other People Think About You

It doesn’t matter what people think of you, it only matters what you think of you.  I learned that lesson in my freshman year at art school.  We had this assignment, to build something that appears small in nature and reconstruct it to a larger scale using man-made materials.  I gave it my all and I never forgot the lesson I learned…

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Okay Computer

Before I woke up, I was very interested in computers and internet technology.  I got to learn about how everything was put together, and which parts were responsible for which functions.  Each piece performs a specific function to makeup the overall computer itself. What I realized is that computers and people are put together in a similar way.  Which only stands to reason that we build machines to mimic ourselves.   Continue reading

On a Walkabout

Last spring, oh, probably in mid May, I set out on a series of treks in the woods to find balance and inspiration.  It worked like a charm every time.  I had some turmoil I needed to figure out and I got to feeling like my soul needed a squeeze.  Wow, two Red Hot Chili Pepper quotes so early in this blog.  I knew I’d find peace in nature, I always do.  I just wasn’t expecting the trips to be so profound.

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You Say You Want A Revolution

…well…you know. We all wanna change the world. Revolution seems to be on the lips and hearts of most people these days. So many people have decided that the world can be a much better place for all and now they are ready to do whatever is necessary to make a change. Which is excellent.

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